“Being entrusted with the rehabilitation of one of the iconic towers of La Défense is a rare opportunity, and obviously a challenge.
Our work had to be singular, both contemporary and timeless, while respecting Pei’s work.”

Nicolas Salmeron


BSTLL stands out for its multidisciplinary strategy, closely blending architecture, urban planning, landscaping, interior architecture, design, and scenography.

For BSTLL, each project, whether it be a site, a program, or a meeting, is part of a specific context that implies a singular and unique response. Each situation is analyzed to exploit its potential, and thus sublimate it. Each story is to be imagined and revealed.

“The tower is a beautiful architectural object. True to our approach, we sought to keep the original lines while bringing the spaces and volumes into line with the emerging expectations of the working world. Entering the building is a perfect illustration of our approach: we kept the materials’ minerality while highlighting it by a new scenography. We also designed all the service areas in the style of a very high-end hotel, particularly on the 39th and 40th floors, which house a restaurant, the business center, the auditorium, and the fitness center. Here, our transformations echo the façade’s shape and integrate the columns to add rhythm to the floor plan.”

“One of the project’s great strengths is to recapture lifeless spaces, a transit area, to create a truly structured program. We designed sequences that are open to meetings, informal work and mobility, enlivened by temporary exhibitions.”

Nicolas Salmeron


The iconic entrance hall’s noble and original materials have been preserved and enhanced by an artistic scenography of lighting, bringing a new tempo to the Parvis’ incoming and outgoing mobility


BSTLL decided to keep the floors original material, the Savoy stone with its curved layout, while opting to completely revisit the wall coverings, with large champagne anodized aluminum plates for a warmer contemporary feeling.


Echoing the reception area, LEGENDE’s Barista Café mirrors the interior architectural signature. Its many seats are all invitations to enjoy friendly exchanges, nomadic mobility, or gourmet pauses.

  • Main entrance
  • Lounge area
  • Lifts
  • Barista cafe

Enter the Legende



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